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On Jun 8th, we start a new series based on Bruce McArthur's Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It.

Your Life

This powerful book explores the Universal Laws of the Universe to help you:

  • Understand how you have been using the Laws of Cause and Effect to create your own experience, and
  • Make use of the Higher Universal Laws for Your own personal transformation and alignment with Spirit.

  • Anyone who wants to consciously create a better life.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to apply universal law to their lives to create a more satisfying, joyful life.
  • Anyone who has had enough of not having enough -- enough time, enough money, enough joy, enough health, enough of any good thing you want more of.


Everything shared from the Bible Hangout is based upon Jesus' mystical teachings on the Divinity of Humankind. If you are ready for a deeper study of your Higher Self, then you need the Discover the Power Within You Study Pack: https://gum.co/meet-the-real-you


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Sherri James
Sherri James

In 2015, Rev. Della tapped Rev. Sherri to succeed her in ministry and lead UP Church, the thriving spiritual community she founded in 1986. In 2013, Rev. Sherri created the Metaphysical Bible Hangout, a weekly metaphysical bible study, which broadcasts live on YouTube every Thursday night at 7pm Pacific. Recognized for her commitment to teaching, Rev. Sherri is the 2017 recipient of the Barbara Kimble Award for Excellence in Spiritual Teaching. Rev. Sherri is also author of The Money Poems, which speaks to the men and women in the “gig economy” who have to work multiple jobs just to piece together a full time income. Rev. Sherri resides in Southern California and blogs weekly at http://RevSherri.com.

W: http://revsherri.com

E: sherri@revsherri.com

T: 310 412 7729

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Tuesday Goodie | September 19, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | September 12, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | September 5, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | August 29, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | August 22, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | August 8, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | July 25, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | June 27, 2017
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Tuesday Goodie | June 13, 2017
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